Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Birthday sista!!!

Happy Birthday sis
Today was my sister's birthday so naturally we started the day with a walk to Rocky Point. Now if this was my birthday I would probably start the day swimming in a vat of champagne while eating peppermint patties but my sister and I are different in that way. ( As a result she will probably be walking a lot longer than I will be swimming and peppermint pattying - heh heh!) Still it was a lovely way to start the day because once again the weather and the island colluded together to create the perfect un-storm.

Before the walk we decided to admire a wonderful column of trees that lined a nearby road. Apparently there was once a convict called Barney Duffy  who managed to hide in the hollow of a tree for around seven years. When they caught him they executed him which I think was very unsporting.

Here is my attempt at a Barney Duffy hiding shot although I suspect he was probably a little more subtle and a lot less smiley.

And yes our walk did indeed lead to a Rocky Point! 

Beautiful just the same.

Here I am doing my best to smile and not fall off the cliff. Actually I am not really one for cliffs so I left the others to explore the outer edges and went chasing after some nearby feral hens instead.

In the afternoon my parents and I visited Government House where the Administrator of the island lives (and administrates I suppose.) It is only open once a month for plebs such as myself to traipse through. My sister (being her birthday and all) elected not to add an educational route to her day and went on another massive walk elsewhere instead.

I don't think I would  like to be the Administrator.  The house is very fine but I suspect you would have to be reasonably tidy if people are permitted to walk through your home once a month. This would prove too greater a challenge for me I suspect.

My parents, on the contrary, look quite comfortable in the Administrator's courtyard.

And on the front lawn.
                   They are reasonably tidy people too.

                                                           Happy Birthday Schwester !!!!  

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