Friday, 21 December 2012

Monster week

Last night I met up with some of my lieblings monsters for an apero. It was it always is... when I see their monstery faces. Actually this week has been quite the monster fest. I have seen monsters every single day ..all of them lieblings...every time joyous.

Tomorrow I have a skype job interview for a new job with new monsters. I have never done a skype interview before but I am guessing pajamas are not the go and I should probably wear a bottom with my top.  I am really nervous. I'm not sure if it is the interview or the job or the fact it means I am actually doing something which is making me so scared. Probably all of the above...and the fact that being worried is one of my my most advanced skills. I have a plan though if it all goes badly....a swift kick of the computer wires and an 'Oh no I'm losing the connection' should do the trick. I mean Switzerland is famous for its dodgy internet connections isn't it...along with its banks..ha ha ha.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bad Glove

So now it definitely feels like I have traded the summer heat for a bit of winter chill. 

And in lieu of Bad Cat I decided to take Bad Glove out for some winter walkies. 

First we crossed over the Rhine and posed for pictures on the way. 

Then, exhausted, from all our walking...

Bad Glove decided to down a Cremant D'Alsace at the Munster Christmas markets.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thank God for the Salvos

Last summer I went through a major clearing out frenzy and threw out my black winter jacket. To be honest it was time for it to be voted off the island anyway. Falling apart at the seams, loose buttons and cheesy remnants of way too many chaz bangelis streaked across its non-fur pelt. Of course now I am back in Basel I have a coat dilemma. While I could very easily walk around town in my slanket I realise I should at least try to look good on the outside so the insides can follow. Easier said than done on both fronts. The coats here are very expensive for poor laydees such as myself and I have been quite shocked at the cost of a simple and probably not even warm jacket.Enter the Heilig Armee ( the Salvos in English Speak.)
Today I found a wonderful black jacket with functional zipper AND buttons for only 19 CHF. Huzzah for the World indeed.