Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wedded Bliss -Ins'allah

Two very fine people I know got married in Istanbul last weekend and I had the fortune of being able to watch them to do it. The groom was English but the bride was Turkish so I got to have a quasi-glimpse into the mysteries of Turkish weddings.

So far I can confidently say it involves:

  1.  Cok  (a lot of ) clapping and whooping which I confess I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to. I may even have taken the title of Last-to-Stop although I can't be sure because of observation  2 ( see below). I found the ceremony much less solemn than our Western efforts but this is not to say that they were no less serious or earnest about the commitment. There was just a sort of an exuberance to the whole thing that was very infectious. That said, a Turkish student of mine told me with some relish the other week that she was attending a circumcision and she seemed to be intimating ( by the way she danced in her chair and held a glass to her lips) that this too many involve a lot of clapping and whooping so it may just be a Turkish ceremonial thing. Mind you I am fairly sure the Kücük Prens ( little prince) may be a little light on claps on this particular occasion.
  2. During the ceremony traditional (and or other ) music must be played at a decibel level so high it  might actually reach Mars (or break the odd hymen as one of my fellow attendees duly noted...bad bad bad)
  3.  Verbosity is not to be expected as not an awful lot is said apart from evet ( yes!)

    These  observations seemed reasonably consistent across the board too as I was able to witness three weddings since my  friend's was sandwiched between two others.
After the wedding some of us went out for drinks before joining the couple at a Cuban bar for some cocktails and salsa moves. Suffice to say I was tucked up in my bed by 8pm with a minging headache of my own creation :-) 

It was a good afternoon.