Tuesday, 22 July 2014


This morning I got up, before the sun had fully put her dentures in, and went down to The Boss (Bosphorus). I tiptoed past Simit (my latest street cat friend) but he has an extra-sensory radar when I am about so he woke up immediately and gave me a morning chirrup. Simit sleeps outside a cafe across the road from me which is run by a lovely Uzbek man called Ozman. For a long time Simit was looked after by another cafe owner ( she called him Mustafa) but then she closed shop and he was left behind. I started feeding him and giving him cuddles because he is old and thin and has a bad leg. Then Ozman came ( he calls him Number 19) and we discovered we were both feeding and cuddling Simit. I was so relieved as I really can't fully home another furry friend right now but I am quite happy to share love/ food duties with my neighbours.  Actually I think my main responsibility is the love. Whenever I sit at the cafe/ walk down the street, Simit comes bounding over and nestles on my lap. Sometimes Ozman brings him food but he does not budge. "Don't worry," Ozman says. " When you are around he has only eyes for you. When you go home he will eat."