Friday, 31 May 2013

A little light relief

What I think Three-Paw says to me

What Three-Paw really says.

The Street where I live

When I got off the metro this morning I felt a burning sensation in my nose and ears. As I headed up to the exit I found the metro doors closed and people handing out masks and lemon juice. Being an old-hand at tear-gas now I knew exactly what to do which was to NOT hang around the square booing the canister-firing police. So I headed home  only to find my whole street  laced with gas as well.
And laced it has been for the whole afternoon.
I came out for a while only to sit with Three-Paw because  I was worried about what I should do with him. I really wish I had my own apartment as my flatmate is not as feline friendly as I. Fortunately when the street got really bad the Syrian lady who runs a cafe further down the street took Three-Paw and another crippled dog into her room and shut the doors. I would have taken Three-Paw home if she hadn't taken him. I would never have left him out there in the gas and the banging and the noise.
But you know what -  I really don't like sitting in my bedroom on a hot afternoon having my nose and ears streaming because the streets are filled with tear gas. I really don't. And for what? Because a park is going to be closed. I really cannot understand how a peaceful protest to save trees and a green space in an overly-polluted city can turn into such a vile concoction of gas and violence and fear.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Seni Seviyorum...always

I think my last blog may have been a bit cryptic. Basically I collapsed on my kitchen floor after letting my illicit lover ( Three-Paw) out of the house at 5 in the morning. The cause of my collapse - a severe allergy to penicillin brought on by medication I was taking for an infection. As a result of the allergy I managed to pass out once jaw first ( hence the stitches in my chin and my ripped up mouth) and then because once is never enough for a good passing out I came to, staggered to my feet and promptly passed out again except this time on my back. So yes I am grateful that all I needed was some stitches..and yes I have a very impressive headache even three days on....but love of a beautiful friend has no price.

I have cried a lot least it means I am alive.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Today is the eve of my birthday and one MRI, CT scan, EKG test etc  and a few blood tests later I am pleased to report I am in good health apart from the lacerations in my mouth, the stitches under my chin and a unremitting headache the size of Alaska.
I would draw a sad face but my head hurts too much for that. :(
I am grateful that I am fine though and grateful to my new friends here, Z and M, for helping me when I needed help
....obviously Three-paw was an immense help too ( if not a little bit to blame!)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Resident perks

Today I officially became a resident of Turkey. I can now speak perfect Turkish ( obviously), make perfect börek , drink Raki ( oops I meant Ayran) without a hangover, belly-dance, fib a little and grow one eyebrow.
After I got my permit I waited out on a busy road for 45 minutes for my driver to come. When he came he drove me 5 minutes down the road and told me to catch the metrobus because it was easier ( for him.) I stood at the metrobus for a while trying to work out which way to go before making a phone call and finding the right bus. I then walked along traffic-choked, dusty streets to my school whereupon  I was cheerfully  informed that I would not be getting paid today  and I would have to wait until next week to get reimbursed for my visa. Ah the joy of being a resident!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Yildiz park

So as you know the other week I went to Emirgan Park to regard the tulips. I now feel I should  give another park an honorable mention as it also has a delightful vista of flowers and greeny-goodness.
This park, which is called Yildiz Park, is actually much closer to my home so instead of being the World's-Best-Commuter I get to be the World's-Best-Walker. Except that I got lost finding it as I am not the World's-Best-Map-Reader - in fact I wouldn't even put myself in the top billion.

Yildiz Park is a very pretty place full of helpful animals

If I am honest I think I like this park is better. It is a little more unkempt in parts and has lots of wild pockets in which to permit clandestine meetings - of which I saw cok (many).