Sunday, 5 May 2013

Yildiz park

So as you know the other week I went to Emirgan Park to regard the tulips. I now feel I should  give another park an honorable mention as it also has a delightful vista of flowers and greeny-goodness.
This park, which is called Yildiz Park, is actually much closer to my home so instead of being the World's-Best-Commuter I get to be the World's-Best-Walker. Except that I got lost finding it as I am not the World's-Best-Map-Reader - in fact I wouldn't even put myself in the top billion.

Yildiz Park is a very pretty place full of helpful animals

If I am honest I think I like this park is better. It is a little more unkempt in parts and has lots of wild pockets in which to permit clandestine meetings - of which I saw cok (many).

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