Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back in the Stan

You know you are back in Istanbul when you hear a Christmas medley cranked up high at your local supermarket. Even the tomatoes were bobbing along.
Returning has been a mixed bag for me. I was incredibly sad to leave my parents ( and bad cat) and even as my plane came into land I couldn't muster even the smallest flip of excitement. Ok. Maybe the thought of Three-Paw gave my heart a little rhythm. And I am pleased to say she did not disappoint. I found her lurking at the bins and as soon as she saw me she started yelling and purring. Then she ran beside my luggage all the way down the hill, through the front door and up the stairs.  Later, as we sat outside together, she put her paw on my lap as if to say "You're back."
Actually I had a really lovely, warm welcome from my street in general. Many people waving and shouting out welcome. The local cafe / tea shop / real estate owners came out and gave me a kiss on each cheek. It surprised me to be honest. I feel very much alone here and I know that these people are not 'family' but they missed me enough to notice I was gone and greeted me with genuine warmth and happiness.


I would like to add that despite Three-paw surrounding herself with chicken bones in an obvious atttempt to make some sort of derelict ' you abandoned me' statement, she was actually fed a fresh packet of food every day I was away.

I would never have left my limb-challenged friend un-catered for.

Although today she did actually manage to catch a hapless bird with her one fat paw so I don't think the absent arm is that much of an impediment anyway!!

Friday, 6 September 2013


So my dad turned 75 today. I have decided not to write a blow-by-blow description of his day because, well, it is 'his day' after all and not every personal moment needs to be shared with the entire world, does it?
I can say though that I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself and that his special day included: a beautiful hotel sleepover, river views, much counting of river boats, some Storey Bridge hypothesizing, afternoon cream teas with champagne,  a slightly sloshed mama, a galaxy of sorts,  a lizard encounter, a bad cat reunion, a date with the pig, family and friends, a huge steak and some ice cream sparklers.

I am so grateful I was able to be a part of his birthday celebrations and very thankful to my siblings for helping me arrange the day for him.

Happy birthday papa!

And in pictures...

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The usual suspect

When in Australia one should always expect a python to look through your living room window.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A confession

I have come to the conclusion that some of my more quick-witted readers ( you know who you are) may have observed that my blog is a few weeks behind real time and hence you may be wondering if I have actually managed to slow time down. In which case, of course, you are probably already demanding my immediate appointment to CERN so I can assist in the other great mysteries of the universe like why there is no cast for a broken heart like there is for a broken leg. Anyway I feel that I must come clean and report that  Yes - I am still less science savvy than a tree - ( I mean they even know how to make chlorophyll) - and it is rather just a lack of time and a hint of laziness that has resulted in this time lapse. Fear not though my one dear reader for I shall continue my Greek Island odyssey through the art of backdating while giving a real time update as well. Hooray for me.

So in real time I can tell you I am actually in Australia. Regard the lovely picture above of two tawny-frog mouths. It is good to be home and out of the choke and grind of Istanbul for a few weeks. It is funny but people's response when they hear I live in Istanbul is "How wonderful! What's it like to live there." And every time I answer them the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "It's an interesting city but it is very big." I am not in love with her I have realized. Florence yes! My bloody and bruised Damascus - O Yes - but Istanbul has not beguiled me in the same way. I miss my street and I miss my cats and the dazzling blue of the Bosphorous, the great hulking tankers, the silhouettes of mosques, but I do not love her as such.
I think am enjoying my stay in Australia too because I have done very little.  I have inspected bird life such as the above and visited the kangaroos that live down the road.

I have told Bad Cat of his brothers and sisters in Istanbul.

I have visited a local dam with my parents which I never knew existed and caused many huffs of astonishment from them both.

I also went on a lovely walk in a wildlife reserve just down the road where a very friendly fellow in a big slouch hat warned me that he had just seen three nasty browns (a kind of very horrible deadly snake)  near the path I was walking.

I liked the trees there though.

Not so much the snakes!