Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back in the Stan

You know you are back in Istanbul when you hear a Christmas medley cranked up high at your local supermarket. Even the tomatoes were bobbing along.
Returning has been a mixed bag for me. I was incredibly sad to leave my parents ( and bad cat) and even as my plane came into land I couldn't muster even the smallest flip of excitement. Ok. Maybe the thought of Three-Paw gave my heart a little rhythm. And I am pleased to say she did not disappoint. I found her lurking at the bins and as soon as she saw me she started yelling and purring. Then she ran beside my luggage all the way down the hill, through the front door and up the stairs.  Later, as we sat outside together, she put her paw on my lap as if to say "You're back."
Actually I had a really lovely, warm welcome from my street in general. Many people waving and shouting out welcome. The local cafe / tea shop / real estate owners came out and gave me a kiss on each cheek. It surprised me to be honest. I feel very much alone here and I know that these people are not 'family' but they missed me enough to notice I was gone and greeted me with genuine warmth and happiness.


I would like to add that despite Three-paw surrounding herself with chicken bones in an obvious atttempt to make some sort of derelict ' you abandoned me' statement, she was actually fed a fresh packet of food every day I was away.

I would never have left my limb-challenged friend un-catered for.

Although today she did actually manage to catch a hapless bird with her one fat paw so I don't think the absent arm is that much of an impediment anyway!!

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