Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A confession

I have come to the conclusion that some of my more quick-witted readers ( you know who you are) may have observed that my blog is a few weeks behind real time and hence you may be wondering if I have actually managed to slow time down. In which case, of course, you are probably already demanding my immediate appointment to CERN so I can assist in the other great mysteries of the universe like why there is no cast for a broken heart like there is for a broken leg. Anyway I feel that I must come clean and report that  Yes - I am still less science savvy than a tree - ( I mean they even know how to make chlorophyll) - and it is rather just a lack of time and a hint of laziness that has resulted in this time lapse. Fear not though my one dear reader for I shall continue my Greek Island odyssey through the art of backdating while giving a real time update as well. Hooray for me.

So in real time I can tell you I am actually in Australia. Regard the lovely picture above of two tawny-frog mouths. It is good to be home and out of the choke and grind of Istanbul for a few weeks. It is funny but people's response when they hear I live in Istanbul is "How wonderful! What's it like to live there." And every time I answer them the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "It's an interesting city but it is very big." I am not in love with her I have realized. Florence yes! My bloody and bruised Damascus - O Yes - but Istanbul has not beguiled me in the same way. I miss my street and I miss my cats and the dazzling blue of the Bosphorous, the great hulking tankers, the silhouettes of mosques, but I do not love her as such.
I think am enjoying my stay in Australia too because I have done very little.  I have inspected bird life such as the above and visited the kangaroos that live down the road.

I have told Bad Cat of his brothers and sisters in Istanbul.

I have visited a local dam with my parents which I never knew existed and caused many huffs of astonishment from them both.

I also went on a lovely walk in a wildlife reserve just down the road where a very friendly fellow in a big slouch hat warned me that he had just seen three nasty browns (a kind of very horrible deadly snake)  near the path I was walking.

I liked the trees there though.

Not so much the snakes!

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