Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Things I know...

So tonight is the last night I will sleep in my apartment.
I don't actually officially leave until the end of the month but as my bed is going tomorrow I might as well follow it.

I'm not sure how I feel about leaving this place. It's certainly been a haven at times but it has also been a hell. I know I didn't move into it at my happiest and I am not leaving it at my happiest either but I hope, at least, there were some moments of happiness somewhere in between.
What I do know though from living in this apartment is the following:
* Don't run out of toilet paper * Don't get undressed by the open window - if you can see the doctors in their scrubs they can see you too! * If you close the lid on the cereal box it really will last longer and be less weevilly!! * The floor can be a very beautiful place.
* When in doubt or pain take a bath - add lots of bubbles for extra cushioning or to muffle sound.* Don't let people who haven't found their peace yet take yours instead! * Always be nice to Abdullah the elevator - he picks you up no matter the weather! * Screw-top wine is better for a laydee on her own - those pesky corks get stuck sometimes! * Never (again)  live in a place where you can see your work desk from your bed! * Don't leave transparent plastic A4 sheets on slippery wooden floors.*If you leave cat litter trays, plant pots, incense sticks, (anything really) on the window ledge the wind will steal it!* always hang a crazy blue chandelier in the middle of your room.