Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I was recently told that when find yourself vividly remembering a  moment in your past - and you feel like you are really there -and your skin feels like its there -and your heart feels like its there - that this is what eternity is. That time is not linear but it circles round and round  and these moments that you step into exist out there all the time - that you are always there! I suppose such a principle applies equally to good and bad moments which is why the mind tries to block out the bad ones!
I like this idea of eternity though. I had such a moment last week in class. I found myself thinking of a moment in my past ( bad teacher!! I should have been giving my full attention to that pesky grammar fiend the present perfect) and literally I was there. In fact I had quite a shock when I landed back in the classroom again - in just my underpants and a pair of socks! Ok no socks! and no I wasn't fottaging a rock star again!!
       Anyway I am trusting that the current pain of moving house is not going to be trapped in eternity as well. This would not be a good place to return to. I am getting there slowly but it is painful and I hate it and my lovely apartment now looks like a shell with is soul ripped out of it. Well almost all of its soul as crazy blue chandelier  is still hanging on the ceiling like a tiny star watching over me.

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