Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Interesting factoid

Did you know that the Italian word for wasp is vespa! Probably yes. It makes sense, doesn't it?  I mean a leading brand of  Italian motorino is called the Vespa and it certainly makes an annoying buzzy sound as it zips down the stone streets.

Don't get me wrong. I am not pulling the cranky, old lady card -  I love vespas. I love the freedom of them, their design, their convenience,their colours. I once had an amazing midnight ride around Rome on the back of one. I am at one with the vespa...


unfortunately, my bedroom is right beside the road ( not even a footpath length distance away) which means once the weather warms up, out they all come in droves. Swarming down my road in the middle of the night, sounding as if they are going to bore straight through my bed.

It has been a long winter though and I suppose spring had to come eventually. I am not sure I want it but I think my frozen bones will be grateful.

This year we were even lucky enough to have snow in the village. A rare occurrence these days. It didn't last long but it was abundant and meant all of the children came out to toboggan down the streets. I feel I should share this beautiful day here before spring really settles in. 

Let's start with the village. It really looked quite ethereal. And silent too. Not a vespa in sight.

Up near the cathedral

One of the few roads into the village

cherry blossom.... I think

snow patrol

In particular though, I really loved my garden. It felt like a magic kingdom.

heh heh capturing the essence!

And finally a contrast of winter and now spring.