Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Seni Seviyorum...always

I think my last blog may have been a bit cryptic. Basically I collapsed on my kitchen floor after letting my illicit lover ( Three-Paw) out of the house at 5 in the morning. The cause of my collapse - a severe allergy to penicillin brought on by medication I was taking for an infection. As a result of the allergy I managed to pass out once jaw first ( hence the stitches in my chin and my ripped up mouth) and then because once is never enough for a good passing out I came to, staggered to my feet and promptly passed out again except this time on my back. So yes I am grateful that all I needed was some stitches..and yes I have a very impressive headache even three days on....but love of a beautiful friend has no price.

I have cried a lot least it means I am alive.

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