Friday, 21 December 2012

Monster week

Last night I met up with some of my lieblings monsters for an apero. It was it always is... when I see their monstery faces. Actually this week has been quite the monster fest. I have seen monsters every single day ..all of them lieblings...every time joyous.

Tomorrow I have a skype job interview for a new job with new monsters. I have never done a skype interview before but I am guessing pajamas are not the go and I should probably wear a bottom with my top.  I am really nervous. I'm not sure if it is the interview or the job or the fact it means I am actually doing something which is making me so scared. Probably all of the above...and the fact that being worried is one of my my most advanced skills. I have a plan though if it all goes badly....a swift kick of the computer wires and an 'Oh no I'm losing the connection' should do the trick. I mean Switzerland is famous for its dodgy internet connections isn't it...along with its banks..ha ha ha.

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