Monday, 29 October 2012

Emily Bay

After man-land we all went to Emily Bay again for lunch. I feel my earlier photos of the bay have not done it justice so I shall indulge in a few more shots to reveal its true loveliness.

The pine in this picture has featured in paintings of the island since convict days. I bet it's known a few bad men in its time. I wonder if it still pines for any of them -ha ha!

I have to say it was a tad windy and cold down by the bay and we ended up eating our sandwiches  behind the shelter of a grassy knoll. After the meal I decided to be brave and went for a swim in the bay. I was the sole swimmer  on account of the wind and general chill but I did get a thumbs up from the local windsurfing dudes who admired my courage from the comfort of their wet suits.

I also met a very friendly crab who was very happy that I did not wish to eat him.

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