Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What's up ladybird?

Every time I go swimming at the local pool (which is not as often as I ought given the amount of empty calories I seem to be eating at the moment...well not entirely empty...there is a sort of joie de vivre in downing twin packs of cheezels...oh the shame!) I seem to find ladybirds paddling in the water. I can't tell if they are swimming or drowning - if it is suicide or pleasure. So I do what I think they want me to do and carry them to the edge of the pool where they seem more interested remaining on my finger than reconnecting with the land. Today I had a ladybird who kept leaping in the pool so every time I passed again she was back in the water bobbing about. If she was having a game of faith that I would rescue her than it was certainly gamble as I have to be one of the world's slowest lappers. Surely there is a phd out there on this very topic otherwise I might have to write one or at least a short story...with a moral ( for the ladybirds) I guess.


This is not my first ladybird rescue situation now I think about it. When I see the pictures from this blog entry I feel a kind of sadness.

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