Tuesday, 2 October 2012

In brief...

I have been a bit neglectful of my blog recently so I am going to try and give a postage stamp summary of the latest thrills and spills.

First, I finally managed to leave Greece after spending a lovely evening on an Athenian beach with my  friend Souzanna

And visiting the Acropolis of course.

Poor Athens looked like she was suffering. Dark streets, hunched over people, boarded up shops and houses. It felt a little grim and sad...but you could still see the people sitting and eating together as families and communities which was heartening.
I can't say I got the answers I hoped for while in Greece. Hara was definitely the highlight for me and when I look back on my time there I feel that perhaps the sole purpose of my visit had been to home Hara. It wasn't to home me or heal me or find me peace. Of course it would have been foolish to think it would. I mean wherever I go there I am. You can't leave parts of yourself or others behind in a box like books or photographs.

Since Greece I have met up with my adorable student monsters in Basel, visited Istanbul again, acquired  a rather spectacular new handbag (I know I know I do not neeeeed it), decided to keep my Swiss C permit for now, watched in despair as the old Aleppo souk burns, met some very nice cats, mused about writing again ( I really need to start), panicked about my future, cried about my past ..and present, eaten way too many choc mints with D... and taken the arduous 12 000 mile journey back to Australia to visit my parents ( and eat pink donuts.)

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