Thursday, 1 November 2012

Penal land

Whenever I see or hear the word 'penal' settlement I always have a little chuckle. I mean I know the word has nothing to do with penis (although I imagine quite a lot of them were incarcerated in such establishments in the past) but sometimes my sense of humor can be very unsophisticated. Fanny pack makes me laugh as well. Anyway today we decided to take a stroll through the ruins of the penal settlements ( ha ha ha there I go again) down by Slaughter Bay. I feel sorry for convicts. What a crappy life. Made to work up to their shoulders in rough seas while chained to a ball, probably no girlfriends and a lot of salted pork to eat. Terrible. I mean clearly not all of these men were upstanding citizens but to be taken so far away from where you were born never to see home again. And all that salted pork! Awful.

Nice views though.

Land ahoy!

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