Friday, 23 November 2012

Hairy friend

So the other day I went into the bathroom to clean my teeth and saw this hairy, scary friend hanging on the wall. The first thing I thought of was all my ex-students in Switzerland who would be terrified at the very sight. My second thought was how I would quite like her not to be there when I go to bed as the bathroom joins onto my bedroom. I tried to coax her into a plastic container but she was having none of that and eventually she leapt off the ceiling towards me in a bid to escape. Obviously I screamed and the last I saw was her crawling under the wardrobe covering her ears. When I looked under the wardrobe I couldn't see her but I did see a couple of her infants hanging round the back corner. Since then I have decided to adopt a principle of co-existence as I don't fancy aggravating a whole family of spiders and have them march on my bed in the middle of the night with a plastic container of their own.

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