Friday, 2 November 2012

Culla & Co

After the near drowning of yesterday ( I feel I did not adequately convey just quite how fast the waves started coming in but that can be fodder for my dreams now anyway) I decided to go with mama on a leisurely horse and cart ride through the Norfolk countryside. The excursion is run by a man called Culla who is indeed culla-ful! This particular jaunt turned out to be my mother's tenth time. She goes  with Culla & Co every visit and probably deserves to have a hoof a named after her if not an entire leg.We started at the stables where the horses were being bridled up under the watchful eye of Culla's lovely doggy.

  Once the horses were ready my mother asked (as she can be bold in this way) if her daughter could possibly sit up at the front. Culla  (who remembered mama) said yes of course and then proceeded to comment ( as he assisted from behind)  on how few laydees wear skirts when mounting coaches these days.
It was fun being at the front of the coach looking at the rolling green hills and hearing Culla's tales about the places that we passed- I didn't like the whole 'and now it's your turn to hold the reins' part. Far too much responsibility for me!
At one stage we passed a tree ( surrounded by requisite Norfolk roaming cows) which Culla gleefully pointed out had a bum hanging out of it.
 Clearly I had to capture this!

After a while we encountered a few hills and Culla's mate whose name was Pumpkin turned up with a ute and pulled the horses up the slope. The horses enjoyed this very much and seemed a bit tearful when the truck left them at the other end. 
lots of horse power here!

Soon we arrived at field where we ate curried egg sandwiches ( Duck eggs apparently! Even the wet hens' eggs are too sacred to eat.) and went for a stroll down to the Steels Point to look out to the ocean...

and pose for photographs.

I even recreated Barney Duffy again!

This wonderful photo was taken after Culla told mama to lift her hat up higher so she didn't look like a pirate!

Culla & Co

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