Thursday, 7 July 2011

topographical changes

I have discovered (because I am such an amazing explorer in that way) that there is wi-fi down by the sea so today I am writing from my sun-lounge down by the bay. I have a delightfully scarred upper leg now too after spending the other night contorting myself through a tiny bathroom window to help out K (a participant on the course) whose key was locked in her room. There was a moment when I had one knee above my head and the other twisted against the window sill and I thought that I might actually have to stay like this for the rest of the holiday. They could have brought the next group that came to island down to see me and described it as some sort of really advanced yoga move so as not to alarm them.


Did an epic walk two days ago from Atsitsa Bay to the Skyros Centre. I spent most of it looking at my feet because it was so hot but I did manage to tick the first thing off my to-do list - finally! 
I believe the entire topography of the island may have changed as a result.

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