Sunday, 3 July 2011

not a baked bean in sight

 Last night we all went out fo a meal together on top of a roof terrace overlooking Skyros.  The food was gorgeous – especially the salads and the grilled courgette. Oh and also the rosè wine which everyone drank in joyous amounts (although we all felt a little less joyous this morning over breakfast.) I have met a woman here that I feel like I have known her for a long time. She actually lived in Florence in 1966 during the flood and we both share a passion for all of her streets. It was enjoyable to talk with unbridled glee about all the things we adore. I have also met a very sweet gingery dog who trots over for adoration every time I pass. The writing part of the course is interesting. I tend to learn a couple of new concrete things each day which I find very helpful. The creating-on-the-spot aspect though is quite daunting but I know everybody else  feels the same way. Actually I don’t find this as daunting as the mime classes. Yesterday I went and I hated it. I felt completely devoid of any sort of creativity and I wanted to run screaming from the room. But then we were all given clown noses and I quite like my clown nose so I decided to stay at least until the end. I’m not sure if I will continue with this part of the course. This time might be better spent patting cats and sampling ouzo.

I continue to fall more deeply in love with the island. It really is such an idyllic world. My only experience of Greek islands before has been the more touristy islands of the Cyclades. This place is completely different. Everything is still actually written in Greek for one thing and there is not a single baked bean in sight. Daily life seems undisturbed by tourists of which - other than those at the Skyros Centre  - there do not seem to be very many. I also feel that the Skyros Centre works very hard to make sure its impact is both minimal and helpful.

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Bless Darwin in captive, isolated, limited gene-pool island environments - the gingery dog has striking cat features.