Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Banana smoothies and bruised testicles

I have moved down from Skyros town to the beach and have a lovely little room with a balcony where I can paint stones and watch the sea. The room belongs to the owner of Cafe Ferogia, Aleko, whom I prefer to refer to as my  banana-smoothie boyfriend. We will never be any more intimate than this but when he makes me a smoothie and I drink it  - it is true bliss. Actually, I have a banana-smoothie girlfriend too. Her name is Vicki and she is from Russia.  Yesterday her sixteen year old son got hit in the testicles with a football and after a short course of death he wincingly got up and continued to play despite obvious serious impediment. I complimented Vicki on her most courageous son. 
banana smoothie bf
banana smoothie gf
I like being down by the sea. I have never been a beach gal but the other morning I even went kayaking voluntarily across the bay. And last night I was taken for a walk by a restaurant dog. Sea-life suits me and I have even found myself triple-booked for dinner on two occasions (if you count the dog who took me for a walk.) It's ridiculous I have a healthier social life here in Skyros after three weeks than I do in Basel after three years.

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