Monday, 18 July 2011

Getting stoned

 Now my computer has gone I have decided to start painting beach pebbles so I have something creative to do. I need to be creative otherwise I use my imagination for evil instead of good (which generally involves copious amounts of self-torture and the occasional sly hand in a game of cards!) I also feel that painting stones is the right medium for me right now because, if  I am honest, my heart feels like a stone right now. My grieving unfortunately is not yet done. I hope that maybe if  I can decorate these beach stones then I might also learn how to decorate my own heart as well. Perhaps dress up her scars in some bright new paints and happy sketches. It's not that I expect to get rid of my scars but if I do this - if I decorate my heart - then maybe the wounds won't be so prominent. They won't be the thing that first catches my eye.

On a side note I have discovered that there is a special festival that happens on Skyros that none of the guide books seemed to have mentioned. Basically, it involves every single mosquito on the entire island indulging in a two day feast-of-Joanna where they feed themselves silly until they are as fat as birds. Can't say I am a big fan of this festival but then I imagine the mosquitoes are not going to be that keen on the dance-of-the-fly spray which is due to commence very soon.

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