Sunday, 31 July 2011

Meet me at o'clock

Yesterday a tough little kid came up to me with his brother and said "you - me - cat - tomorrow - o'clock." I understood this to mean" Please, if you don't mind very much, could you paint me a cat on a stone and I will come tomorrow to collect it."  I immediately set to task because he looked quite no-nonsense about it - in fact I toiled until very late into the night with only my adopted cat ( another story) and swarms of mosquitoes for company. Fortunately, I was right because today at o'clock (the exact same time as yesterday) the boy was back and asked for his stone. He was very happy - and I was relieved. Even the little Greeks have attitude - I like it!
Finished Work
Happy Greek

Actually this whole stone painting lark is beginning to take on a life of its own. Every day I am visited by an increasing number of Greeks (old and young) eager to see what the latest creation will be. Some of them have explained that it is now part of their daily ritual to inspect my stones!   
Argh the pressure!!
I have even started feeling bad when I have nothing new to show because I have been too busy working on commissioned pieces. Today I managed to finish a turtle and two cats in a hot air balloon though so that should keep the masses sated.

Last night I went and danced on the beach all on my own to one of my favourite pieces of music by Loreena McKennitt I then skimmed stones across the sea - who knows how far they went.

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