Thursday, 28 February 2013


This week I have been sick .I was sick when I first arrived in Istanbul but now it seems to have returned with extra talons. I never understand why schools make you teach when your voice is going and your nose is running like a broken tap. I find it embarrassing to clutch soggy tissues the whole time and I am sure it is not pleasant for the students either. Sometimes I break out into a sweat as well and have to peel off my jumpers even though the actual temperature is only 6 degrees. My student at the American Hospital very thoughtfully gave me a surgical mask to teach through which felt very odd but thankfully meant I could let my nose run happily into the mask and no one was any the wiser.
Now at least it is the weekend and I can fever away in my bed without an audience. I did venture out to do some grocery shopping but I really couldn't find anything that interested me. I think this is often the case in a new land when the comfort of Heinz Baked Beans ıs no longer available. I came home with a bottle of peppercorns, two tomatoes, some labneh, a bottle of rosewater for my face and some Turkish Delight. Probably not quite enough to make a meal but I do have my trusty lentil soup guys at the top of the road if I can muster the energy. O...and I gave Three-Paw some salami.

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