Saturday, 23 February 2013

Kazançı Street

If  you step out  onto my street you can see The Bosphorus (when the weather is clear that is). You can even see one of the Princes' Islands I believe. I feel vicariously responsible for this lovely appointment even though  The B and this street were no doubt in existence long before I and will no doubt be in existence long after I am gone. In fact my whole street which plummets down to the shore is quite interesting. There is a pet shop, dry-cleaner, bric-a-brac shop, electrical store, pizza restaurant, kebab houses, a school, a yoga studio and a few markets too. Oh and lots of cats.

There is an old mosque on the corner wıth a Muezzin who seems quite a songful chap. Not a shouter at all. Sometimes I don't even hear him in the morning and wonder if he has slept through his alarm. 

At the bottom of the street is a park which goes right to the edge of the water.  If you look straight ahead you can see Asia and if you look to the right you can see the silhouette of Sultanahmet. I try  very hard to appreciate these thıngs for no matter how İ feel about being here there is still something romantic about The Bosphorus I think..

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