Sunday, 17 February 2013

Asian delights

Yesterday I decided to go for a walk. I always feel better when I go walking.  I decided to head towards the Bosphorus because there is something about this body of water which always stirs my imagination. I walked past 3 hospitals within ten minutes of my home and one of them was the Italyen Hastanesi. It looked like a Tuscan villa with egg yolk walls and green shutters. I felt a pang in my heart for Florence ( which I find very telling.) Anyway I continued down towards the water where the waves were whipping at the shore in a bitterly ominous way. As I walked passed the Karakoy port I noticed a ferry was about to leave so I decided to leap on it. The boat was very comfortable with lovely large windows looking out over the churning water so I took a tea and waited to see where I would go. About twenty minutes later I disembarked in Kadikoy which is in Asia. I felt very very intrepid even though for everyone else on the boat it was was very ho-hum.

   I liked Kadikoy. It had some markets running along the back streets which brightly covered vegetable stalls and throngs of local folk. I bought some dolmades and stuffed tomatoes as well as olives and the best cappuccino I have had in a while.

 The below window was full of marzipan fruit. Yuk to marzipan. Hooray for fruit replicas.

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