Thursday, 7 February 2013

The eternal immigrant

Today I feel sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad. Oh and did I mention I feel sad...My C permit is on hold now for a year and I am leaving on a jet plane this afternoon. Actually I am very grateful to Swiss Immigration for agreeing to put my permits on hold although they seemed rather shocked that I should even want to leave Switzerland. ( You want to go where?  You want to leave here?) I think want is definitely the wrong word in this context.

So I feel sad

And very afraid.

I am not as tough as I look.

And I am tired.

But at least I have all my own teeth!


Anonymous said...

This is win win - Switzerland is keeping the door open for you and you are going on an adventure - and you are tougher than you think even though you don't actually look tough at all. And I am smarter than I think because after years of following your blog longing to comment, I have finally managed to.

Joanna said...

thank you Anon....your comment is very heartening for me :-)