Monday, 18 February 2013

Rolling with the punches

When I was looking for a new job a few months back) I had decided to focus on Italy and Turkey while keeping a slightly open ear to Portugal, Spain and Greece. I chose Turkey because it wasn't caught up in the Euro crisis and the demand for English was rising dramatically. I chose Italy because...well quite frankly...why would you not! (Apart from the whole-economy-down-the-toilet aspect I suppose.) Anyway what made me choose the job I have now ( and I need to remind myself of this daily) was the fact that I was finally going to get a salary and not just get paid by the hour. It also offered me private health insurance which was also very appealing although who really knows what this covers in reality. And it wasn't a particularly long contract either.
Another reason though was my boss. I liked her. She came across really well in the interview and I thought I can work with her.
Now I find out she is leaving. I mean obviously she has to do whatever she wants to do but I feel disappointed.
Still if I am to take anything away from this whole experience ( however long or short it ultimately lasts) it is certainly going to be how to roll with punches. I am not particularly good at rolling I have discovered. I like to be punched continuously until I fall into a heap. Or avoid being punched altogether. I'm not sure if I will ever truly learn to roll but they just keep coming right now -so who knows!
On a side note I found a note stuffed in my denim jacket today. It said I was a very nice person. Beautiful even!?! I suspect it came from the breakfast boy who worked at Otel'de'Charm. He was the only nice thing about the place and he was also probably about ten. Probably won't be reading too much into it though. But it did manage to cause an upward curl to my lips.

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