Monday, 25 February 2013

Me no speak Turkısh

I was on a tram the other afternoon when they played an announcement which saıd: Please may we draw your attention to the probable events of larceny that will happen at the next statıon. I was actually tempted to get off just to witness this probable event. I don't imagine the wording is quite the same in Turkish. Unfortunately I am yet to have a lesson in the language  The school said I would be offered lessons ( timetable permitting) but as such nothing  So instead I have to make do with my phrasebook and a smile  I have mastered kahve ( coffee), kedı ( cat), mercemek çorbası ( lentil soup) and  buradasınız ( you are here.) I really need lessons though because I haven't found a good grammar book yet. Besides my biggest problem is pronunciation. I am terrible at it.  I am not alone though. Today I heard a couple of my Korean students chatting for a good five minutes about the high cost of "loaming" on their mobiles. 

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