Sunday, 10 February 2013

First days

So new days are well and truly upon me. Not a very auspicious start I have to say. The driver forgot to collect me from the airport and my hotel  is redolent of cat pee. The nice thing  though is that when I come out of the hotel in the morning I see  local moustachey men feeding fat furry cats big chunks of raw at least the redolence has a good purpose.
I feel very overwhelmed here though and have cried a lot. Fortunately the sky doesn't stop raining so it covers my cry face. I am trying very hard to remain upbeat though (even though change is an anathema for me) so I will tell you that I am enjoying the lentil soup and the abundance of furry friends.  I won't write more though because I would say that  more difficult things have happened than easy and if I write about them it just fuels the fires of uncertainty within.

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