Friday, 15 February 2013

New Place

At least the cat has a room :-)
So as I mentioned I have a new place to stay now. I am not going to use the word 'home' at this point because it doesn't feel like that at present.Actually, technically  I have a place but not a room. I was told there was a room ( and there is, I have seen it) but when I moved all my things across I was told it was not quite free yet but it would be 'soon'. I have since clarified 'soon' with my Turkish colleagues and they have said this could be anything from one week to ten years.
It is nice to be out of the hotel though even though I don't quite have a room.  My flatmate is a Kurdish actress  who is waiting for a new TV series to start.  She has built a little house for a stray cat that lives on the awning below the front window.  The cat is feral and has obviously been mistreated but it likes to be fed and is quite comfortable with batting your hand ferociously if you come anywhere near her. I have felt rather numb since I arrived in town so it's ok if she makes me bleed.
Feed me or I will beat you...I may even beat you anyway. Rar!!!

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