Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ramazan Pide

As I am now an expert on all things Ramazan, I can confidently report that whenever you eat Ramazan Pide it should be fresh from the baker's oven. In fact you should buy it straight from the shop when it is still too hot to handle and you should run to your house while throwing it in the air or alternatively hugging it in lieu of a lover. The trouble is I don't know which are the best bakers to buy it from and I am also a bit shy about going in there and buying one since I am a newbie to such things. Luckily my neighbour, Ozman, who manages the Kahve next door, very kindly offered to get me my very own piping hot pide today....and it was you can see by my crescent-moon devouring of it.

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