Wednesday, 10 August 2011

on being tamed

Yesterday 'the gift' and I visited a very beautiful bay called Pefkos. Of course I was very reluctant to leave the safety of my Cafe Ferogia microcosm but it was worth the distraction (at least until the stones started calling me home again.) There was a lovely taverna full of families having lunch and a quiet beach with deep clear water. What I love about Skyros is how each area feels like another world - all of them lovely, all of them unique.

During the drive I saw an island out in the sea which looks very much like the drawing of the boa-constrictor swallowing an elephant from The Little Prince. It's interesting because independent of this I have spent a lot of the past 6 weeks here reflecting on The Little Prince - in particular on the story of the fox and the responsibility that comes when you tame someone.  I know I was tamed last year. That is why this year has been so hard.

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