Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mice to meet you

I had a new beginner class start last week and one student insisted on saying mice to meet you the whole time. I tried to coax a nice to meet you out of her but she really couldn't hear the difference.  After a while I thought - does it really matter? She is a happily retired lady learning English for fun and actually it was mice to meet her!
I have to say that little moments like these make up for all the other things that are not so mice about teaching sometimes - e.g.  the hours, the pay, the endless preparation and the fact that some students like to encroach on your private space as if they own it somehow. I have resolved to be firmer this year about my boundaries with (some) students but it is hard because sometimes I think they just choose to ignore the signs and keep pushing  me because they can sense I am a soft touch.Perhaps I need a dog with big teeth or maybe a personal hygiene problem! Actually the more I think about it the more I realise this is my problem not theirs.  I shall cancel the garlic bath for now and work on my ability to decide what I can give and not give.

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