Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cats that speak Greek

This is my adopted cat whom I have started feeding. He comes and yowls outside my door every morning and night. I have tried to explain the meaning of the word 'discreet' to him but he only speaks Greek. The interesting thing is that as the days pass more Greeks are coming to me with scraps of food to give to him. In a couple of days I am going to have to 'home' him somehow or at least find someone who can continue when I leave at the end of next week. I think I will be able to do this as he is a very friendly, affectionate cat. If not I will take him to the cat sanctuary up in the town. (I am strictly not allowed to cry about leaving him until I actually leave him - no pre-emptive tears Joanna J.)
Two days ago I was commissioned by an Athenian woman, Sousanna, to do a portrait of her yogi cat Sylvester. She went back to Athens last night and telephoned me to say Sylvester had something to say to me. I think it was 'thanks for the portrait' but obviously he speaks Greek too. As she was leaving yesterday she told me she had a special 'gift' for me. I told her it wasn't necessary but she said I would like it. Anyway it turned out to be a single Dutch man she had met the night before and thought would be perfect for me!!!! Later the 'gift' turned up at my door to introduce himself. We had a nice chat - who knows she probably gave me as a 'gift' to him as well. I  am not looking for any 'gifts' right now though. I am still dealing with previous 'gifts' in my life.

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