Friday, 5 August 2011

the dog-whisperer

Today I swam out to a rocky island near the bay and nearly stood on a sea anemone. This will teach me to be Robinson Crusoe. I shall stick to the land from now on which isn't that difficult when you get to walk along beautiful streets like these.


Later I went to my favourite restaurant (Tom's) and I was informed by Theo ( who works there) that Tutu ( beach dog) was missing. I was then summoned by Theo's mother to help search for the dog and have been asked to scour the streets of Skyros town. My instructions are that if I find Tutu I must escort him immediately home. I am sure Tutu has happily got his nose up some other dog's bottom but obviously as a most-trusted dog scourer/whisperer I shall bring the rogue home should he be found.

P.s. Last night I went for a swim in the sea and then danced on the beach to Supergirl.

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Dave said...

Has Tutu been found? ....xx