Monday, 6 March 2017

Planes, trains and automobiles

Today Three Paw and I went for a day trip to Florence.  I hardly ever get into the big smoke so I guess I have her to thank for necessitating the journey. I'm not sure who had the better day.  She got scanned and biopsied by a rather hirsute and handsome doctor called Alberto. (I think she has a crush.) I got to wander around the streets with rain-string hair.

Even Dantè needed a diving mask on a day like today.

News in her department continues to be vague and grim but at least now she has vets on her side which makes the whole thing feel less daunting. I particularly liked this Alberto fellow because he was really taken by her story and you could see he regarded her with great respect. And that I believe is what she would want above all. To have her indomitable spirit and resilience given the kudos it deserves.

On the train ride home she beguiled the whole carriage with her bright eyes and ravenous appetite. I merely basked in her afterglow and thought of all the planes, trains and automobiles this courageous girl has ridden.


Cat photographer said...

Hello! Wonderful blog!

Joanna said...

Oh thank you, i am afraid it is a little sad at present though

Cat photographer said...

Hello! I have a problem with my English.