Monday, 13 March 2017

It takes a village

Today I had a message from Three Paw's daddy in Turkey, Kerim. Originating from Konya (of course) he is the most gentle, loving soul you could ever meet in your life. He is responsible for keeping her safe all those years so we could finally meet. He wrote, today, about how he still misses her and how I should give her a cuddle even though she doesn't like it. It made me laugh. He is right. Three Paw likes to bank against you, she likes to lie her head in your hands, she likes to stand on your chest with the full weight of her body in her one front paw but she does not like all-encompassing cuddles.

I gave her one anyway and I thought I saw a smile.

I have been thinking about how many people have been a part of her life and that old saying 'it takes a village to raise a child.' I think in her case this is definitely true as well. From Kerim and all the old men who used to watch over her on Kazanci Street, to her English, Canadian and Belgium guardians who helped me when she was in trouble. Now even here in Italy I have a neighbour who drives us to the train in Empoli whenever she needs to go to Florence ( to see her boyfriend vet Alberto) and tomorrow night another Greek friend will host us in Florence so we don't have to journey late in the night.

You could say it has taken 'a global village' to raise this miracle girl.

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