Saturday, 27 June 2015


Today I discovered a breakfast place just down the road which does one of the tastiest menemens* my taste buds have ever encountered.  The place was actually upstairs so there wasn't a clear sign at the bottom that menemen even lived there! It was a great place to sit and watch my local neighborhood going about their business without eating in their face.   I am very conscious of  eating during Ramazan although there are plenty of Turks who do not fast and happily munch on baklava and cigarettes in plain view.  Actually the air is much cleaner during Ramazan because a lot of Turks do stop smoking for the month. The air is infinitely cleaner to the extent that sometimes I find myself being a defacto Ramazan enforcer. Doing a gentle tsk with my tongue and an upward tilt of the head in true Turkish style when I see a smoker on the street.

 * menemen is a Turkish breakfast dish made with eggs, tomatoes, peppers. I like to add white cheese and hot paprika to mine.

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