Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day 4: Gobs and Pinkberry.

Turkey is actually quite famous for its medical tourism these days: plastics, cosmetics, eye-surgery, infertility, dentistry. The doctors at the major hospitals here in Istanbul are world-class and cost a fraction of what they would in Europe. So it only seemed fitting that Day 4 of the Fest should involve a bit of dental work. The whole experience was great. Efficient and painless both on mouth and wallet. I came out feeling like I had a gob full of polished chandeliers.  The event left me a bit spent though (early-rise!) so I passed most of the day just mooching around my neighborhood. All was not lost though! I discovered that Pinkberry (my favourite frozen yogurt) now comes in take-home tubs. O Happy Day.

OK so I admit today was a bit low on Boss action but rest days are always a vital part of a Fest, wouldn't you say? Here is a picture of the Boss taken from another time in Istanbul just to make up for it.

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