Friday, 19 June 2015

Hayirli Ramazanlar

Yesterday evening I had the fortune of being down by the Galata Bridge as the first iftar in the holy month of Ramazan began. The bridge was almost deserted. No fishermen or bait boxes (fish must love Ramazan), no peddlers, no tourists, no people at all. The sky was a beautiful crumpled blanket of velvet clouds and it gave the whole town a silvery gleam. The air seemed cleaner somehow and softer too. It felt like it was just me and my laydees:  Istanbul and The Bosphorus.

And the peace. O, the peace!!

Fortunately a mosque had special lights that came alive when the fasting had finished telling people they could eat. I couldn't read the message properly ( and my photo is even worse) but it said Oruc something or other. Oruc means fasting so I guess it said something like' Fasting finished! Now bring me some Ramazan pide.)  Sadly I didn't find any pide  for myself Hyesterday but I still have a glorious month to go.

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