Saturday, 6 June 2015

Election day

Tomorrow is election day in Turkey and this one is important.  Of course, I cannot vote and there is a ban on buying alcohol tomorrow so I  have stocked up today so I can watch it all unfold with a gin &tonic ( in my AK parti mug). Understandably my Turkish colleagues are worried and I really do understand their fears. Some of them have even volunteered to be monitors because they are so worried that the results will be skewered by faulty voting / lost ballots or rogue cats that bring down electrical substations as happened last year.
Either way I honestly cannot see a  result that will give Turkey  the stability she deserves, at least not immediately so.
One of my colleagues is even standing for election. She is a member of the HDP and I admire her courage. Actually she isn't my colleague anymore because her contract wasn't renewed. (Truth : my school is CHP and I think they were worried about their clients learning that one of their teachers was standing for HDP. Sad but true. Just a theory, you understand.)

You know I took this picture of the Pirate today and I actually wouldn't put it past her to tamper with an electrical substation! She is one scary beast!

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