Monday, 4 November 2013

Pirate on deck

So Lucky the Pirate made it through Surgery Sea and is now on the Good Ship Galbraith for the time being. I went with my Turkish friend (N) to pick her up. N got tears in her eyes when she saw her but for me I wasn’t as sad as I was relieved.  Honestly, she was just in so much pain before and looked so terrible that seeing her with one bright eye and a little purring heart made me feel happy. To be honest I don’t even notice she is missing one eye anymore.
It is amazing how such a tiny creature can fill up the entire space of your room (and heart). There are still times when I still lose her in the room but I normally see a pair of ears and one eye poking out from behind a pillow or a corner of furniture.
She has even stopped swearing at me ( which is very un-piratey of her.) Never mind, Three-paw has taken to cussing in the manner of a most drunken sailor .

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