Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Republic Day

Republic Day in Istanbul means...

.... lots of flags

...lots of boaty goodness ( with  flags)

...lots of police welcome wagons
In the afternoon I went to an end-of-kebab-season partay with colleagues. I decided to walk there with a fellow teach which obviously made us a pair of most impressive machines. Turks do not embrace the walk I find. 
It was actually a very enjoyable afternoon. Red wine, beer and baklava always help too.

mmm baklava

Turk at work...

Canadian sandwich

The whole motley bunch

hmmm would u really pay to learn from us???

Many red wines later some of us straggled down the hill towards Ortaköy to watch the fireworks...a mandatory celebration of any Republic Day.

P.S The Lucky Pirate remains in hospital so I still have no pictures. But here is her gorgeous brother I have named Herbey...because I am treating him for a similar sounding infection at the moment. He is a brave and beautiful boy who pluckily lives on his street with his mama but is now getting brave enough to let me cuddle him ( and inject antibiotics down his wee little throat.)

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