Saturday, 12 October 2013

Exit strategy...better microchip the cat!!

So we have been instructed  not to engage in any classroom discussions or show any opinion on the following topics: religion, politics, Atatürk, the current government, Gezi Park etc. This follows an incident this week at school with a teacher who unintentionally found himself embroiled in a discussion about Atatürk under the topic  'the price of success'. You know it could have easily been me who ventured into the wrong area as students often  express opinions and look to you for discussion as well. Some of them are genuinely interested but others are just trying to bait you or other students. Now my classes will all focus on the glorification of cats, the joy of mint ice-cream and whether there really is a moment of anarchy every time  a traffic light blinks from red to green.
To be honest the whole incident this week, and the way it was handled, has made me realise that perhaps it is time to start planning that exit strategy after all. 

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Anonymous said...

So it is the necessity for classroom censoring, not the necessity for a gas mask, that has pushed you to that conclusion!