Friday, 29 November 2013

Beware the Büfe

Yesterday I got food poisoned by a lunchtime Büfe. I suppose anything called a Büfe should really be steered clear of but I hurtled on into it anyway only to have it hurtle back out of me exactly four hours later. I was at the American Hospital when it began and my student's first response was that I should go to emergency. I find Turks resort to the emergency department a bit like we use GPs in Australia. Anyway, I declined to go because I knew exactly what this was and I didn't need a triage nurse to confirm it. The worst bit was I suddenly felt myself wanting to be ill while on the streets of Nisantasi, which is an upmarket area of Istanbul.
Now I am a neat vomiter. It is actually a gift I believe. 
When I was sixteen I suddenly became ill on a local bus so I promptly removed the red hat I was wearing on my head, threw up into it, and then alighted at the next stop with my hat politely ( although rather sloshily) folded over.  Unfortunately I did not have my red hat with me but I did have a plastic bag in my satchel which I normally use to carry dry food for cats. So I stopped by the side of the road, amongst all the well-do-to-do Istanbullis going about their Thursday evening business, and very neatly and politely filled up the bag. If there were awards for most stealth and orderly throwerer-upperer I would definitely be in the running.  Fortunately the food had not got into my blood stream so I recovered fairly quickly and was able to enjoy the sight of the pirate being spooned by my toy sheep when I got home.

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