Monday, 11 November 2013

Little man lost

I think I have lost Lucky's brother...and not in a good way. It's ironic really. Yesterday I gave him the last of his medication and he was such a fine fat little thing, running around like a little devil.  Last night I checked on him with his mother and they were together in their little abandoned room hidey-hole. Someone had chained a big hessian bag to the bars of their door entry and I thought to myself I hope my little friend doesn't go exploring in their because he might not get out.
So the morning came  and the bag was gone but so was my boy. I haven't found him all day and tonight only his mama is curled up in her box which is very unusual. Normally I see my boy all over the place. Maybe he is off hiding, maybe his playing, maybe someone picked him up and gave him a good home...maybe..maybe...but my heart says no.
Now when I look at little Lucky with her one eye, a part of me wonders what was the point of saving her if I couldn't save her brother as well. I mean of course there was a point but it all feels so arbitrary and unfair and sad.

I feel sad.
I am tired of feeling sad

Be safe my little man.

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