Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Turkish Delights

Of course one of the best things about Turkey is the Turkish Delight. I am a  greedy little Edmund at heart when it comes to rose-flavored lokum and I would easily betray a lion and a whole bunch of fauns for a small box of the stuff.
Actually it's not only the Turkish Delight that pleases the eye as Istanbul sweet shops have windows crammed full of delicacies.
I mean regard the pictures above. How can one possibly walk past these and not be tempted. In fact Rita and I got very tempted one night and ordered a a profiterole bowl each. No. No. No. Such piggery can only lead to bad things! Fortunately  years of excessive gelato over-eating had me trained when to stop before my eyes bled chocolate too.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha...Joanna you made my day...xoxo.R